Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2018 Winter Camp

"Osu! Our 38th Annual WYKKO Winter Camp is just around the corner, so we hope you've all made your reservations and registered to attend. The official schedule is now finalized and attached to this email, so you can go ahead and start planning for which classes you would like to attend. We're excited to be starting off the day with an obstacle course in place of our normal run for the adults (children will get their turn at the course later in the day). We had an abbreviated "Karate Warrior" obstacle course for the children last year that was a lot of fun for all involved, so this year we're expanding it and letting the adults join in on the fun! 

We'll also have full-contact sparring classes taught by Mr. Turnbull, who is joining us all the way from Canada. We are very excited that he was able to join us again this year. Mr. Hofmeister will be teaching a brand new class to introduce students to bo fighting, and Mr. Culbreth will be teaching a class on point sparring techniques that's open to everyone. This is always a great opportunity for even our newest students to work with one of our masters. 

Those of you looking to start the day with a high-energy class focusing on fitness and good technique will enjoy Mr. Mattison's proper exercise technique class, and for those of you who might like to start the day a little slower (that includes you, parents!), Ms. Elrod's very popular yoga class is back once more. Finally, we have an introduction to knife defense class with Mr. Blumreich that is going to be an extremely fun and educational experience. Remember, if you want to participate in that class, you must bring a white t-shirt that you do not mind potentially damaging. We promise it'll be worth it!

Remember, kyu grade students under the age of 10 must choose from the classes on the far left of the schedule in white, while students aged 10 or older can choose rank appropriate classes from the rest of the schedule. Students may always attend a class that's below their current rank, but students may not attend a class that is higher than their current rank (except for those who tested for shodan the night before). 

Please also remember that camps are in many ways about finessing and refining your current understanding of a kata or technique. We find that rushing to learn a brand new kata in forty minutes is tough on everyone involved and doesn't help those who really need to focus on fine-tuning their kata. That's why we require that all kyu-grade students (this does not apply to black belts) at least know how to walk through the kata if they are going to take a class on a specific form. Don't know how to walk through a kata you really want to learn at camp? Talk to your instructor and see if they'll introduce it to you in the new couple of weeks. You don't have to be an expert, but you do need to be familiar with it.

Here are some examples of personal schedules to give you an idea of how you might decide to arrange your day:
  • Adult Brown Belt who wants to focus on black belt testing, especially getting ready for self-defense: 
    1. Rho Hai Sho
    2. Using Joint Locks in Self-Defense Routines
    3. Yoshu or Intro to Falls & Basic Throws
    4. Self-Defense
    5. Intro to Knife Defense or Kihon Kata Sandan Bo
  • Adult Green Belt who just tested to green and hasn't learned any green belt kata yet: 
    1. Proper Exercise Technique
    2. Using Joint Locks in Self-Defense Routines
    3. Intro to Falls (you'll need them in self-defense!)
    4. Intro to Bo Fighting or Self-Defense or Advanced Full Contact Fighting
    5. Intro to Knife Defense (we promise it'll be fun!), Advanced Full Contact Fighting, or Intro to Bo
  • Youth or Adult Black Belt:
    1. Shonokon (the Calibration period is only for Instructors)
    2. Using Joint Locks... is a great course, especially if you don't know Bassai & Chinto already. At future black belt tests, judges will want to see that you can use joint locks to submit an attacker.
    3. Sai Tai Bo or Shodan Sai
    4. Yoshukai Iai if you have a sword or Intro to Bo Fighting, Adv. Full Contact Fighting, Point Sparring or Advanced Bunkai (the world is your oyster!)
    5. Intro to Shodan Open Hand or Intro to Knife Defense
  • Adult Yellow Belt who's main goal is to learn more about fighting: 
    1. Karate Fundamentals or Proper Exercise Technique
    2. Beginner Full Contact Fighting
    3. Continue Beginner Full Contact Fighting
    4. Point Sparring Techniques
    5. Intro to Knife Defense
  • Green or Brown Belt Kyu Grade Child Under 10:
    1. Youth Self-Defense
    2. Kids Karate Warrior Obstacle Course
    3. Bo (3a), Sai (3b)
    4. Niseshi (4a), Yoshu (4b) or Intro to Falls & Basic Throws
    5. Karate Games & Competitions (5a) & Chicken Fighting.. (5b)
These are just some examples, but we hope it gives you an idea of how you can arrange your schedule throughout the day to make sure that you are getting the most out of your individual training! If you have questions about a course that's being offered or if you'd like help in figuring out what classes would be best for you to go to, feel free to email Ms. Hines at, and she will be happy to assist you. 

We look forward to seeing you all there! Osu!

Ms. Hines, Mr. Hofmeister, Mr. Mattison, & Mr. McCullars

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tenshin Ryu Hyoho and Yoshukai Iai.

In 2014 I spent 2 hours at Mr Culbreth's residence with Soke Yamamoto to discuss Yoshukai Iai with him.
Soke showed me some bunkai for some of the waza and we also discussed the origin of Yoshukai Iai. Soke did not learn Iai from Dr Chitose but from 2 different masters from Kyushu. 

Although I was not always able to fully understand what he was trying to tell me, I understood he had been training in the 2 styles of Tenshin Ryu and Jigen Ryu, and that when one of the masters he was training with died, he quit training in that style.

In this Tenshin Ryu video, you can see where some of the Yoshukai Iai moves come from.

Although Tenshin Ryu Nodachi is much longer than the regular katana used in Yoshukai iai, the waza at 1:40 is very close to the Yoshukai Waza #8, and the next one at 2:00  is very similar to our #7. 

Also, Chiburi and Noto are the same.

Fred Lecut, Dothan Dojo

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dothan Tournament

  • Saturday November 4th 
  • Dothan Civic Center
  • Dothan, AL

For the opening ceremony :

  • All Black Belts please be there at 9:00 a.m. for a walk-thru.
  • Shihan and up to wear your suits
  • Third and Fourth degrees wear your hakama’s
  • All other Black Belts wear your Gi
  • Fourth degree and below please bring a Bo
After the Tournament we will be going to the Top Tai Restaurant at 6:00 for those who want to attend.

Don’t forget the National Peanut Festival will be going on at this time as well. See their website at for the activities.

See everyone on the 4th

Kaicho Toyama and Culbreth

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dothan Tournament

The next Dothan tournament will be held on this Saturday November 4. 

Tsutsui Sensei will be coming from Japan with 4 of his students and other guests are coming from Germany, California, Miami and Texas.

To honor the memory of Soke Yamamoto, we will leave an empty chair at the official table on the stage above the arena during the event. 

Sumi-e painting of Soke

For the opening ceremony :

  • Shihan and up will be wearing their Suits.
  • Third and Fourth degrees will be wearing Hakama.
  • All other Black Belts wear their regular Gi.

  • All Black Belts please bring a Bo.

Please encourage all your friends and fellow students to attend and compete.

Kaicho Toyama and Culbreth

Friday, September 8, 2017

Panama City Tournament

The tournament is still on and we hope to see you all down there tomorrow to compete and for the party after the event.

Sensei Culbreth and Toyama.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Mark your calendars...


Join us on July 29th, 2017 for our 24th annual Karate "SUPERFIGHTS" Tournament, featuring international fighters and world champions. Family members and spectators are welcome as well. There will be Point Fighting, Semi-Knock-Down and Knock-Down Fighting. 

Registration begins at 9 am, and fights start at 10 am. Daytime fighters for 2 divisions will be $50 and daytime Knockdown fighters will be $65.

The Tournament will be held at the Oxford Civic Center, Oxford, AL.

Accomodations :  Fairfield Inn & Suites, 143 Colonial Drive, Oxford, AL - 256-831-1921 - Rate $84


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tensho Dai Kata

Tensho Dai, a tonfa kata, was created by Master Yuki Koda.

Tonfa were originally handles used to turn the top stone of a traditional Okinawan rice grinder.

Okinawan kobudo weapons Tonfa were originally handles to stone rice grinders
Okinawan Rice grinder with its Tonfa wooden handle

Here the kata is demonstrated by Shihan Mike Lilley at the World Yoshukai Karate &  Kobudo organization summer camp in Eufaula, Alabama, USA on June 17, 2017.

 Enjoy and practice...